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Drive personalisation and conversion with Vista Digital

Introducing Lumos, our cloud-hosted and seamlessly integrated digital sales channels. Deliver a true omnichannel experience across your website, mobile app, and kiosks.


Cinema websites and online ticketing specifically designed to convert visitors into moviegoers.

  • Intuitive ticketing
  • Food & beverage ordering
  • Event & custom pages
  • E-Gift store
  • Loyalty integration
  • Custom browsing options

Mobile Apps

Android and iOS cinema apps that empower moviegoers to take control of their experience, wherever they are.

  • Buy and access tickets
  • Easy re-ordering of food & beverage
  • Saved payment methods
  • Build watchlists
  • Membership benefits

Self-service Kiosks

Low-touch customer experiences in-cinema, preventing queues, and trimming labour costs.

  • Easy ticket collection or purchases
  • Digital or printed ticket options
  • Food & beverage-only orders

Scan-to-order food service

Frictionless customer-driven food service, engineered to lower the barrier for guests and increase spend per head. Empower your guests to scan, order, pay, and enjoy in-seat delivery while they watch their movie.

  • Convenient in-cinema dining
  • Seat-specific QR code or RFID tags
  • Item modifiers for custom orders

Loved by you and your moviegoers

Elevated digital ticketing

Our contactless Living Ticket updates in real-time with the customer journey.

  • Seat swaps (coming soon)
  • Self-service refunds (coming soon)

Custom food & beverage orders

Increase spend and satisfaction with natively integrated F&B sales on all channels.

  • Paid & unpaid modifiers
  • Deals, upsells & cross sells

Reward your Loyal customers

With easy sign in/up to earn and redeem rewards.

  • Member-only offers
  • Subscription integration

Our channels include


Centralised CMS

All Lumos channels can be managed through a single CMS: update text, control functionality, and edit your theme.


Film Content & Delivery Network

Studio-official movie media delivered to your Lumos sales channels via MX Film.


Branding flexibility

Using modern designs and consistent brand application across your suite of sales channels.


Insights & Reporting

Dashboards and data visualization tools to inform and optimize your sales channels and measure success.


Conversion optimization

User-centred responsive purchase flows that seamlessly connect online and on-site moviegoer experience.


Regular access to new features

Built with the future in mind, Lumos will be continuously enhanced, with updates and new features each month.


Underpinned by the Digital Platform

Rest assured, you are in good hands—we host, manage, and update your Lumos sales channels as well as monitor and proactively scale your transaction pipeline to keep you ticketing under peak demand.

  • Robust ticketing engine
  • Powerful transaction flows
  • Safely hosted by Vista

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